Honest question about rp servers.

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
what do you guys actually -do- on an RP server that's so much different than PVE or PVP? I've been to a couple and watched the complete trade spam of trolls and crying that's everywhere else on this game. So what's the "big deal" about RP? It isn't like you're actually writing a tale of your life. Your first trip to the spirit healer would end that tale pretty quickly.

I mean...you guys don't just sit there and cyber all day...do you?
Not at all. We conduct ourselves as our characters would. We go chill at the tavern for a while and talk to random people. We see others out in the wild and greet them as total strangers with no idea what their name is. It's little things like that. That is what makes RP to me. Getting into the mindset and acting like your character. Which also includes not running EVERYWHERE.
There are a lot of wonderfully designed areas and fairly decent stories in the WoW universe. It is just playing as if you are a part of that universe, and adding to it, rather than just watching it happen. There are compromises, as with any meshing of fantasy and reality, but you roll with it. You don't die when you visit the Spirit Healer, you just got the oats kicked out of you.

The all-tauren guild I am in has a history of events that have not only enriched our gaming experience, but others as well. We have held events where we brought supplies and water to Org, being attacked by co-operative RP guilds on the alliance side, and in turn have helped them with stories they were trying to act out. It increases the enjoyment of and the connection to this mini-universe, and makes it more than just a gear-chasing, noob-pwning fighting game.

So actually it is like writing the tale of your life.
It's storytelling improv, basically. Being an RPer has kept me going in WoW when other people have gotten bored and wandered off till the next big patch or expac. I enjoy regular PvE and all but if that was all I did I'd get burned out pretty quickly. My characters having a history and personality all their own keeps things interesting and keep me from getting bored and burned out.

And no, I don't cyber. It saddens me that that's what so many non-RPers assume RP is. What it really is is theater set in a world with rules that give us a common frame of reference. It's a creative outlet and a way of being more engaged with the story and lore of the game. Some things are there for mechanics, like the spirit healer, not everything you do counts as "in-character".

Also, Trade chat is the same everywhere. Which is why I haven't had Trade chat turned on in years. :P It's not an RP channel even on RP servers. The vast majority of RP is either guild oriented, organized events, or randomly out and about in the world.
I decided that Azeroth is like Valhalla. You die and come back for MOAR GLORIOUS BATTLES/adventures.

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