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Hey all, quick question here. Wife and I are setting a budget, and we're looking to change our WoW subs. We're thinking of going for the 6 month plan as it's cheaper in the long term.

My question is this: my account is renewed on the 28th. If I change the plan today to the 6 month cycle, do they bill me today for the 6 months or would I get billed in two weeks when the sub is set to renew?

I hope that question makes sense.

I believe you only get charged when it renews. It wouldn't really make sense for you to be charged for two weeks that you've already paid for :)
You'd get billed when your subscription renews on the 28th.
When it's set to renew.

Personally? I recommend time cards from the Blizz store:

They have 6 month ones.
Thanks everyone!

I'll also look into the time cards (didn't know they had em). :)

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