PVP retribution General Qs (How you fair?)

So lately I have been going through a class crisis,.. unable to chose a class I really want to use and stick with it. I am a "general/common" pvper, I am willing to do reg BGs, rated if I get into a good guild, and do arenas(for points only, never been a big fan).

My ideal class has always been paladins, I LOVE their lore, I LOVE their history(outside warcraft etc), I LOVE their basic theme... But paladins as a pvp class and I have had rough patches,.. this being my original paladin since Vanilla(originated as Dwarf till 4.3 transmog came out, had to go human for Judgement.) could not hit 60 in Vanilla, nor 70 in BC, and ironically when the OP paladins of WLK were around, though this guy did hit 80 he went untouched, and then in Cata with the rise of holy power paladins and I got along very well; hitting 85 and maining him FINALLY.

So anyway, enough of my history, I just can't decide, and to get down to it, simply put,...
(I SHOULD NOTE, I am Retribution all the way, so these questions pertain to that spec. but I am willing to see answers for Holy and Prot as well)
1: How are you guys fairing in general WPVP? Arenas? RBGs? etc..
2: How do you think Retribution will be with the new healing buffs in 5.2? If you play in the PTR then how is it feeling atm?

Thank you for your answers!
(Just a fun little note to mention my love for Paladins in general(inside wow and outside in other games/history etc) My desktop computer I use is custom using a MK 1 Chasser Chassis with blue LED etc,.. blah blah anyway the window on side has laser engraved PALADIN with the big blue glow behind it. Tempted to see bout finding me some yellow LED to resemble that holy glow.

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