The First Alliance Battalion (A) RP/RP-PvP

Moon Guard
Posted on light posts, street corners and call boards in Stormwind, Ironforge and Darnassus, are posters advertising the recruitment of the First Alliance Battalion.

Subject: Recruitment
Organizaton: First Alliance Battalion

The First Alliance Battalion of the Stormwind Army is seeking to recruit ALL races of the Alliance to beef up its ranks! We are seeking skilled fighters and healers to integrate into our ranks, as well as those who wish to change their stars and become a soldier! We are prepared to train new combatants for those looking for a new career!

Our objectives:
Safeguard Stormwind and the Alliance from threats, both foreign and domestic.
Reinforce military alliances in their endeavors.

We are the First Alliance Battalion, the faceless sons and daughters of the Alliance! We will take the battle to the Horde! We will reinforce our allies! We will do what we must to protect Stormwind and the Alliance!
To find out more, find a recruiter today!

Marshal Adroby Relindor

((OOC: The First Alliance Battalion, level 25 heavy military roleplay guild. We accept all races and classes. Minimum level 15, 65 for death knights. We take part in patrols around Stormwind and the provinces, host DnD styled RP events and reinforce our allies in both RP and RP-PvP events. To find out more, contact any member of the First Alliance Battalion, or Adroby, Darith, Farthen, Ashelein, Silva or Sasheen. Website app not required at this time))
Fight like a soldier, a soldier like me!
We’ll take an arrow or two to the knee,
And then keep on fighting for thee!

The spoils of war are ours to take,
We spend it with glee on a woman or three.
Slaughtering by day and drinking by night,
We’ll live the last of our days in the middle of a fight.

The life of a soldier, a soldier like me,
It’s filled with death, horror and misery,
Yet for a soldier like me, we’ll live on in glory.

'Cause that's how we roll.
Well I know most of the folks to contact in this guild, was with them for a long time back in the Guard.

Adroby is a good leader and a pretty good RPer, so if you are looking for a guild to be in I would honestly recommend this one. He is good at bringing people into RP and helping them get better at it, which isn't an insult because I am one of the folks he helped get better!

Good luck guys! Look forward to seeing you guys around more and more.
Stay tuned for a post about a Battalion hosted event coming up in the next couple weeks.
Wow, sign you up without even knowing what it is yet?! Alright!
Putting this here because I was told I'm not allowed to set you on fire from a distance. :(
Umm, thanks for not setting me ablaze?
Hire meh! :D

Edit: More serious note: I'd like to witness this. So sign me up, even if just to watch. :D
Adroby? I remember you. In the mountains.

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