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In the mountains? What mountains?
02/20/2013 07:20 PMPosted by Adroby
In the mountains? What mountains?

You kids and your mountains!
I'm still confused about the mountains. What about the mountains?
This guild sounds great. I don't have an Ally toon there so if I can get there when I'm 15 I'll start leveling tomorrow :D
Sweet! Send me a whisper in game and we'll get you a combat test.
And here comes yet another snow storm for the Northeast.
Anyone else getting buried by 'Winter Storm Q'? By the way? Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that they are naming snow storms now?
Meh, winter came late this year, and it is hitting all of us in he north at the same time. Stupid ground hog was frakin wrong son!
Did you know that the ground hog is never wrong? It's either six more weeks of winter, or six weeks until spring. If you look at it either way, it's the same.
Are you talking to yourself Adroby? Tsk tsk tsk...Back up to main page with your ranting boss man.
It feels that way, sometimes, yes.
You're still wearing that silly mask.
Don't be jealous.
The First Alliance's Grand Alliance Dueling Tournament thread is up! Sign up! Win prizes! Have fun!
Quite a few people interested in our Grand Alliance Dueling Tournament! Sign up and get your spot today!
Looks like it will be cool for the Battalion Adroby, good on ya.
Today... Was a do nothing day off. And it went by too fast.

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