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We chew iron and spit out nails. We shower with soap made of glass. We'd eat a Fel Reaver if you dared us.

We are Ironfang. And yes, we are recruiting!

Ironfang Clan is a heavy roleplay guild dedicated to creating a unique roleplay setting designed specifically for orcs. Every orc starts out at the bottom, and proves themselves through blood and sweat, strength and steel. Our runts are taken from crude, rough metals, smelted down, and forged into sharp, deadly weapons. Runthood is both fun and challenging, and rewarding as your character lives through it and develops. Advancing through the ranks is also rewarding. After becoming Blooded, your character also gets to pursue one of the three different paths of the clan: Basher, Seer, and Warpath. You watch your character grow, gain skill and experience, and develop rivals and friends within the clan.

OOCly, we’re a great and fun group. We make jokes and help out our members as often as possible. Some of our members are also starting to do end-game content, such as raids and PvP, along with our roleplay. We are mainly a roleplay guild, but that doesn’t you mean you can’t do end-game content as well!

Ironfang is truly a unique, yet rewarding experience, both ICly and OOCly. We’d love to have you join!

If you’re interested in joining, please visit ironfangclan.enjin.com, read over the runt reading forum, and submit an application. Then contact one of the following people for a thumping. They can also answer any questions you may have about the clan:
Chieftain: Korgaz
Fangs: Vorkresh, Hradukk
Bashers: Ataska, Tardag
Basher Trainees: Nekgor

Also, a few announcements. Ironfang has been around for a while, and a few things have changed. The mount rule is now IC only. Runts are allowed to ride mounts OOCly. Because of this, we really don't have a level cap for people looking to join. We'll give everyone a try, no matter the level, though we do prefer you be under level 40. We have also moved back to Razor Hill for the time being.

Thanks for giving this thread a look! Hope you decide to join.
Obligatory Chieftain Bump. There ya go, my darling Clan.
As a random grunt. I approve this message.
It was certainly an experience and helped me shape one of my now favorite characters from a vague concept into a full fledged badass, I loved every second along the way too.
Lok'tar Ironfang, motherfathers!
Speaking as a mage and a dress-wearer, yus.
Anyone rolling an Orc should seriously consider Ironfang, never had an experience less than fantastic with its members. Special props to Brotak, thanks for RPing with us tonight bud!
Good to see you guys recruiting :). Good luck!
Bump for the bumpthrone.
I was always too high level to join up at the right time, but I have RPed with a few of the (old, at least) guild members and you guys have my support wherever I see you! Here's hoping the recruitment push gives me more of you to encounter.

Lok'tar Ironfang!
It's been a LONG time since I was in Ironfang, different leadership back then I believe, but there was some really great RP going on.

I got beat up upon introduction, was yelled at for wearing a tabard, and was yelled at again for having a mount when I was 20+. Oh and I was made to "grind tribute" to stock the guild bank.

But like I said, that was a really long time ago so things may have changed.
I was about rewrite "Lady Lumps" so I could post it here about how my bumps so fine.

But then I stopped.

Because I like you guys too much.
Thanks for the support! It is much appreciated.
Another bump! Back to the top with you!
Why the hell did you guys get reported? :|

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