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Been a long time for me too and there was different leadership when I was there. But it is Awesome to see the Ironfang still going strong! Was an Awesome guild while I was there and I am certain it still is now!
Warriors of the Ironfang Clan! The spirits of our ancestors are calling! Return with us to our home on Draenor and take up the legacy of our people - renew the observance of the Kosh'harg with your brothers of the Thundering Hammer!

Wait... what? What's a Kosh'harg? Who are these Thundering Hammer people? We are your proud Horde brethren from Feathermoon my friends, and we have an event that is RIGHT up your alley! (Wish you were on our server! We'd get on like a human village on fire!) Check out the thread here in your own forums, or come visit us on ours!


This Horde only, deeply cultural event is scheduled for March 20th and we would LOVE to see Ironfang there in force.

Lok'tar my brothers! May fortune grant you many enemies, and may your blades never dull!
Thanks for the invite! I have contacted other officers about it, and hopefully we'll be in touch soon.
Bumpity bump!
Are you the guys that used to hang out in Razor Hill?
Yup, we are! We've moved operations to Ashenvale, however. Though we still visit Razor Hill every now and again.
-Scowl approves of this valid attempt to extend Orcish RP.

-On another note, that dapper fellow Torr'Vlak owes me a cookie. I want my cookie.
That sounds like a lot of fun! I'd like to go to that! CAN WE GO FANGS CAN WE GO!?
*Punts back to the top* There ya go.
I'm Korgaz Blacktongue, and this is my favorite Clan in the Realm.

...Totally not biased or anything. STOP QUESTIONING ME!
This is relevant to my interests. -off to read guild site-
*bumps with a hammer* IRONFANG
Vor'Kresh clenches his hands into fists, staring down at the forum sitting on the field in front of him. A bead of sweat drips down his forehead, and he throws his head back in a thundering howl. The Fang takes off running, pushing one front in front of the other, nearing. He throws a foot forward to slam straight into the thread, punting it back to the top of the forums.

Yes, that was needed. It really was. I promise.
New Chieftain, same Clan. Get in there you pansies.
Friendly bump for my old Clan. Lok'tar ogar.
It'll take a lot more than Garrosh's "True Horde" to put Ironfang down for the count! Get in there you whelps.
The thread has been updated for recent changes. Ironfang is still alive and recruiting! :D

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