Enough complaining about it, let's fix ret.

To tell the truth, i don't see the problem with the current amount of damage Ret's are doing in Pvp, sure we rarely top the charts but we're never at the bottom either, i think the main issue that needs to be addressed is survivability, between wings, guardian, and Holy Avenger i almost always have a CD to pop in fights, and then when the cooldowns line up i can pop them together for the insane pally burst. What i think we need to see is a buff to Sacred shield, nothing game changing, but something to give us a fighting chance to survive initial burst when our bubble or trinket is down, i mean, take mages for example, they have frost armour, blink and ice block, plus a trinket or racial to survive burst, Paladins have bubble or a trinket/racial, with a buff to sacred shield i think it would even us up with other classes in survivability .

I like the idea of a gap closer like warriors have (charge or Heroic leap) which can both be used as a quick escape to combat as well, something pallies don't have. Although i have found that HoF and the speed of light talent when used together can essentially do the job, but i don't like the idea of having to waste a talent for an easy to use escape. (not that the other talents in that tier are anything special).

All in all in my opinion i think the paladin class isn't too bad damage wise, all we need is some extra survivability, in saying this though i'm speaking from a strictly Pvp perspective.

And of course, they really need to fix the AI on guardian... he's just so silly atm.
Censure is nice and all. When isn't having a DoT?

If Crusader Strike for Ret was 150% and TV was 250% it may ease some of the burst issues and give better sustained.

Also IMO, I would trade the Crit buff from Inquisition to Haste.
I have an easy fix, scrap Inquisition it sucks.
Hello? Anyone at blizzard even listening? Ret is still a spec, where are our fixes and buffs for 5.2?

It would appear that every single other class is getting some sort of buff or change, while ret is getting our wings back down to 2 minutes like it was in cata.... every day it gets more depressing and I feel more forgotten.

I honestly wish they'd just fix some of our numbers rather than just completely ignoring us.

02/21/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Superiority
I have an easy fix, scrap Inquisition it sucks.

Nooooo, it doesn't.
02/21/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Superiority
I have an easy fix, scrap Inquisition it sucks.

02/21/2013 10:47 AMPosted by Thermadin
least you're glyphed for it
02/22/2013 11:49 AMPosted by Thermadin
I have an easy fix, scrap Inquisition it sucks.

least you're glyphed for it

Even with how clunky Inq is, I understand the need for it. No player likes to be killed in 6 seconds regardless of it being from a paladin or not.
Inquisition is HARD.
How many of you honestly thing inquisition is what is lowering our dps?

Let's take a look at it....

3hp grants you 30% increased holy damage and 10% extra crit for 30 seconds. With my gear I do 30.8% extra damage as holy damage through mastery. So for a 200k TV hit I'd do 200k and then an extra 60k thanks to mastery. Now, with inquisition up that 60k is actually increased another 30% which is another 18000 damage, so for that 3 holy power you spent, you just gained 78k bonus damage on your finisher for something you need to refresh ONCE every 30 seconds, and if you do the math and add up how many TVs, CS', and HoW you get off in 30 seconds, the 3 HP you spent paid for itself a dozen times over. This isnt even counting in judgements, exorcism, or censure. Which now I think about it, why dont they just add those into our mastery? I feel like that would make for some decent number increases... though that would be a just buffing their damage by a scaling amount.

TL;DR Inquisition is your best friend as a ret paladin.
A lot of people do not posses, or completely ignore, critical thinking. The problem with Inquisition is not the spell, but the people that misuse it. It's never been complicated.

It comes down to 'I can't be bothered to hit a button every 30s and NOT get large damage flashes across my screen'.

Pretty sad, really. Worse, is people that say it's a DPS loss to use. Like... really?
Inq is getting a little polish so not to over write to a lower duration. Wont help people who let Inq fall off or refresh at more then 3 seconds.
I thought that change was funny, like who is honestly hitting Inquisition right after they just put it up?
One huge that I have a problem with is survivability, when I bubble in pvp I only have enough mana for 2 (3 at most) flash of lights, which is around 80-100k healing, either increase healing done to ourselves when we bubble or reduce mana cost of flash of light while bubbled.

People seem to complain about wasting holy power on Inquisition or that it is too hard to keep up, I feel as though there should be a glyph that lets you cast it with a cost of 0 holy power somewhat like how the glyph of savagery works for druids. Weather or not you take this glyph is up to you and it doesn't fix the waste of a GCD, but I think that having no cost would make up for the GCD because of the extra TV we could do with the holy power
i was actually just about to post on this as paladins our the reason we are not supposed to do insane damage is the fact that we can heal the crap outta ourselves but in reality so can warriors dk's hunters mages (which is getting nerfed) shadow priest etc. paladins would be in a good spot if other classes weren't out of control.

The most obvious fix it bring other classes down a peg so it doesnt become a game of who one shots who first. Or an idea i cam up with is reduce the damage paladins do while cd's r up and increase or sustained damage. In my eyes there should be no reason for our damage to essentially double or even triple in some cases when classes like DK (sorry im picking on you but i do also play a dk as an alt so i know =) ) can consistently hit for 80k crit's with obliterate w/o c'ds up. So you could increase the damage of say our tv by up to maybe 300% instead of the 250% which would leave room for when our c'ds r up so we dont one shot ppl i could be wrong some1 could do math to check. I dont want to b op i just dont want to play POP ALL CDS GO HAM USELESS FOR 3 min.

Also one thing i would like to address i know we have the goofy butterfly glyph but it seems that all other classes except maybe shaman when the pop cd's its less obvious could we get a glyph that makes our stuff more discreet
02/22/2013 12:42 PMPosted by Akira
I thought that change was funny, like who is honestly hitting Inquisition right after they just put it up?

I keep it next to divine storm and ES, so there are times where I accidentally refreshed too early.
02/22/2013 02:16 PMPosted by Dainerys
I thought that change was funny, like who is honestly hitting Inquisition right after they just put it up?

I keep it next to divine storm and ES, so there are times where I accidentally refreshed too early.

That's understandable but from the actual patch notes I saw a lot of people thanking them for other reasons.
Sure, ret could use more sustained dmg, but that isn't what we really need. IMO, our defensives are pretty bad. We just die too quickly. I'd be happy just to have the old Sacred Shield back and see blanket silences, mass dispel and spell steals get nerfed or removed. That or give ret some protections against it.

As long as casters (SPs in particular) are strong, ret will have it rough. The HoS change may help us out immensely in arena, but we will still be garbage in RBGs. The shorter CD on AW is nice too, but we will still just be CCd through our CDs by any one with a.

I hope I am wrong, but I think next season will be just as bad, if not worse.

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