Can we have some update on fire...


I love fire and many other mages do so too. For a while now, I've come back to fire because this is the spec I love the most without caring about the other 2 specs. Many would call it fun over utility and effectiveness. I can't do nothing but to agree with them because it's the case.

Now, I can tell you that I feel weak as *%$/ when nothing crits. And yes, I've reforged everything so I could get the most crit out of my gear. And no, I don't have a !@#$ty gear.

For god sakes, it's a good thing we have inferno blast auto crit because my mage would be long buried away.

In all honesty, I'm quite happy that arcane is taking one hell of a crush, it'll make the culpability of not going arcane go away. Then I hope blizz will finally notice they need to revamp fire so that freaking RNG can be history.

Currrently, the awful crit chance makes it NOT a fun experience. Last time I had fun really was in cata. And trust me, I've played now 7 years on my mage and fire has been SCREWED totally. Bring back that instant flamestrike and Flame Orb to back it once was.

And BY THE WAY, I wouldn't hate arcane as much as I do if it had a little more visual effects than at the moment. Currently, all you know while playing arcane is that you top the dps meter and if you're not a baddie that only looks at the numbers on the boss and actually your feet to avoid standing in ?%/*, then you'll know it's AWFULLY BORING.

As for frost, always being on GCD burns me. So many instants >.> especially when you pop frozen orb.

As I've noticed on forums, ppl say that 5.2 gear will bring more crit making it easier to bring your crit + CM to a relatively good number.... I HOPE it is the case.

To be seen...
just play frost bro!!
or arcane ^^
In 5.2 arcane is getting massively nerfed.

Also in 5.2, just about all the new raid gear has crit on it, so it will be possible to get much higher crit than in 5.1.

All indications are that in 5.2 arcane will completely suck and fire will be the best spec.
I agree with OP abt the other 2 specs. Hell our mage just quit wow because he found arcane so mindnumbingly dull
You'll notice a big difference when you get 522 gear and have the Tier 15 bonus to prop it up
Current tier, if you have close to 500 ilvl, and reforge as much crit as you can possibly get, you should find you are close to what arcane would be without scorch weaving.

Scorch weaving was never intended, as such arcane is doing more damage then it was designed to do. That puts a negative feel on the other specs.
What is up with crit procs?

With all buffs I play at around 27% crit. I figure rule of thumb I should be getting around 1 crit for every 4 spells. The actual is well below that. I understand lucky/unlucky streaks but I've been watching this for the past four days. Expect that it would get closer to the actual percentage over time.

My gear is middling (458) but the crit percentage should be the crit percentage.
You have more Crit than I do at 496 and I don't often feel Crit starved.

Btw, change Bracer reforge to Crit and your Glove enchant to Expertise for a bit more.
My prediction is that arcane will still be #1 when 5.2 hits, but as people get gear fire will rapidly pull ahead.

Then they'll nerf the CM modifier again and history will repeat itself.
02/19/2013 01:58 PMPosted by Kaikou
My prediction is that arcane will still be #1 when 5.2 hits, but as people get gear fire will rapidly pull ahead.
You sure about that, buddy? :)

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