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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Before reading further, we are a late night guild on Frostmourne mostly in the GMT +8 time zone and we raid from 12am till 3am wed+thurs+mon. We need players who can reliably make this time without having to go to work/school tired the next day. Most of us are Australian and Perth based but anyone who can make these times is welcome.

Is a panda was formed in DS with the intention of working towards 25 man in MoP. Due to real life commitments we have been running 2 x 10 man raiding groups but are working towards 25 once again for patch 5.2. We have been 16/16n for about 3 weeks now.

We are currently looking for any of the following players for 25 man:

1. Bear tank with feral OS
2. Resto Shaman
3. Elemental shaman with resto O/S
4. Experienced Rogue
5. Mage capable of being top DPS as arcane spec
6. Heavy hitting Boomkin
7. Resto Druid
8. Mistweaver Monk with tank O/S
9. Ret pally
10. unholy/frost DK

Other players who can top the DPS charts are also welcome.

Our intention is to be clearing normal 5.1 content in 25 man before 5.2 is released. Most of us are well geared already, so new members will receive a lot of loot. We do expect an ilvl of around 480 or above and suitable raiding experience (close to 16/16 normal)

If you can commit to our guild and be a long term reliable raider then we would love to have you in our team. The guild is fairly laid back. We have a great leadership group and a raid leader that is in a 6/16h 25 man guild and we all agree that 25 man is the way to go.

If you are interested, please talk to us in-game for an invite or apply on our webpage:

One thing to note when asking for a position: we have been hit frequently with people jumping between guild to guild looking for the best deal for themselves. This attitude which seemed to become prominant from ICC onwards where many people seemed to lose their sense of loyalty to their guild (could pug everything) has been a problem for us. Therefore, new people's guild history will be investigated - if you frequently guild hop then you are not welcome. We want a long term commitment to help develop the guild for the benefit of ALL members, not to further the selfish interests of loot orientated individuals.
still need more for the shift to 25 mans. everyone is welcome to join but ranks will be sorted based on their trial period. Reliability it the most important aspect
If you're reliable and willing to commit long term to help us progress with our 25man team come talk to us here http://isapanda.shivtr.com/ or come find us in-game.
I also believe that there aren't many late night 25man horde raids on Frostmourne so if we can get this going when patch 5.2 comes out that would be awesome because 25man brings different challenges and it will definately be more fun than normal 10man raiding!!
If you are interested in our 25man group, come talk to us or if you have any questions feel free to ask.
you know you want to apply
We have a great leadership team to help us progress when we start this 25man group
Attempting to start 25man tonight to see what it's like before the new patch and what sort of raid group we have. If you are interested you can still apply
Come talk to us on our forum http://isapanda.shivtr.com/ or in-game. We are all very friendly!
yep first 25 man in 2.5 hours. we will probably need a shaman/druid healer, rogue, kitty and maybe a spriest.

Talk ingame if you are interested :)
An hour to go before our first 25man attempt. Come talk to us ingame if you are interested
There are still spots available for our 25man group so if you are interested let us know! :D
Still looking for more raiders for our 25man group!
Even if you don't quite meet the criteria feel free to inquire, come talk to us!
We are still looking for people who are reliable and interested!
Join us, we have cookies
Talk to us in-game. Our 2nd 10man group will be raiding tomorrow night so there will be lot's of us on to talk to!
Still looking for more recruits!
Raiding in 3 hours and 15 mins, come talk to us if you are interested in 25man!
Still recruiting, come talk to us at http://isapanda.shivtr.com/

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