Resto Druid Looking for Raiding Guild

Hi guys,

I am a resto druid currently playing Alliance side on Aman'thul. I have recently come back to the game, and decided it's time to get semi-serious and clear some bosses.

I don't have much current tier experience outside of LFR, however I am a quick learner, know my class inside and out and have been playing since the days of old with some of the best. I have been part of traditional hardcore raiding, but also able to find a home in more casual guilds with good sense of humour, stability and the right approach.

I am able to listen, take advice and correct any issues I may have in a mature manner. I regularly try to push the limits of the game, and am always up for a dungeon or achievement run. I am an older player, so my time is valued and hope I can find a guild that suits my approach and meets my goals for the benefit of all involved.

I am available Sunday - Thursday nights, anytime.

Thanks, please contact me in game Adi#1587.
Hi There, I'm in a Level 25 Guild with 7 banks tabs and free raider repairs. This is an open recruitment call. No level requirements or gear requirements. We are just looking for the right people to join us.
We're looking for one dps. either
  • Spriest
  • WWMonk
  • Mage

  • & One healer, either a
  • Rsham
  • Rdruid
  • MwMonk
  • Holy Paladin

  • Could also make exceptions for
  • Skilled Monk Tank

  • Hellooo!

    We're zealotry on Aman'Thul. A relatively new guild. Over the first month of raiding we have: Cleared MsV in little over 6 hours, one shot blade lord on progression, cleared garalon in under 3 hours and downed elite protectors in 2 attempts. While we try not to brag we think we are doing pretty well for a team that has just started MoP raiding. Please note we are not over-geared. Average Ilvl of the raid being 484.3 and steadily rising

    While we have just finished our first month of raiding twice a week. We have found ourselves in the company of a group of 9 extremely progression focused, smart raiders and bonded as a team well.

    We are still looking for 1 or 2 highly skilled dps and one equally skilled healer (possibly one tank) to flesh out the roster/cut the fat. We dont have many skilled players on our realm and are setting our sights on server first progression.

    Our current core roster is compromised of:
    TANK Blood/Frost Death Knight - Shadzilla
    MDPS Ret/Prot Paladin - Olagio
    MDPS Enhance/Elemental shaman - Warstorms(Gm)
    RDPS Boomkin/Feral Druid - Argharnamin
    RDPS Hunter - Felthunn
    RDPS Demonology/Destruction Warlock - Malthadros
    Discipline Priest - Unodomiel
    Resto/Elemental Shaman - Zimia

    Dps position is CORE for a constant rotation with the other players. Our other tank and healer are still on trial I would be willing to give anyone a shot if they believe they can play better then our current trials - see logs. Healers may also rotate. All positions will have equal raid exposure.

    In a perfect world we would also like to have a balanced gear make up. However, as always... Skill>All

    If you are looking for a stable raid environment, more responsibility in your WoW life, a challenge and friends to share success with add me and have a chat is my real i.d

    Our website
  • Our wow progress
  • Our logs
  • Our youtube

  • Some quick facts.
  • We raid 6 hours a week. two days a week Wed and Thurs 7 - 10 GMT+10
  • Its still a hardcore environment. We expect players to: min/max two raiding professions, pot, pre pot, thoerycraft, simcraft, ptr test, discuss group composition and strategy, analyse WoL and know BiS
  • Progression focused Loot Council
  • Despite our lack of exposure to the expansion, there is over 30 years of wow experience between the players
  • Multiple Tier three players from WotLK returning to pump content
  • We are organised and efficient
  • We set EXTREAMLY high standards
  • Weekly RBG's and Challenge Modes on Saturdays
  • Player with deadly glad achievements

  • We aren't looking for 20+ hours a week in raids grinding out attempts. We want to stress the quality of each and every attempt. I think everyone can identify with that. We have lives, children, wives, university and school commitments, we can't afford to spend time with lower tier players or players with god complexes/players who cause drama. We are looking for team members to become friends.

    So drop us a line. We're not shy.

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