Bunch of Raiders are looking for a guild..

Hi all

We are looking for a new home. Doesn't matter if it's Alliance, Horde, 10 or 25, we just want to raid.

We would prefer anything in between 5PM servertime and ending at anywhere up until 1030PM servertime.

We are -
A ret paladin
A prot paladin (can play a DPS or Tank Monk if preferred)
A DK Tank
A hunter (can play Resto Shaman if preferred)
A hunter
A warlock

Our experience is 11/16 in 5.0 content.

Add me on Valiance#6993 battletag if you want to talk further.
hey dude im interested in forming a team with you add me in game and we can talk
hey. we r a guild rebuilding. ive sent u an friend request thru battletag so we can talk
Hey those times sound great, if you maybe have room for a DPS, healer and OT, let me know :)

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