Props to Jin... a worthy opponent.

Perhaps one of the rare few that are too skilled and geared to be taken down so easily in the Shrine. I appreciate the respect and courtesy that you offered when you suggested that we duel at a more private place... and am sorry I did not take you up on it lol. You are a worthy opponent and I salute you :)
*teary-eyed moment* That's my brother!
"too skilled" meaning they're not afk in front of a banker.
Or cooking -_-
There isn't anything wrong with ganking afkers, or people cooking. Just sucks to be them and stuff. (Pick a better spot to afk. Or cook.)
02/17/2013 12:12 PMPosted by Hextinction
*teary-eyed moment* That's my brother!

Your guild has perfected the art of escaping with your gliders <3 you all.

Much love,
It is nice when Jin and Hextinction are ready for some world PvP though. I always look forward to seeing you guys out and about.
Your guild has perfected the art of escaping with your gliders <3 you all.

Live to fight another day! Wish our guildies would log on when you're attacking, usually it's just Gob I have to rely on. Kiss kiss hug hug
HEY! i dont have a glider! and im always on davy... also mr mycity i been sneek healing jin and bigjuicy on my druid <3 its always fun to run into u :D
Taint, im working on that tmog now, i just need leggings! We can be twins!
You guys make me sad I gave up engineering.

also, hai! Stop targeting me first :(
lol omg sweet davy! now i have a little sister! but what about gob wouldnt i be stealing his big brother away?

oh hello violence! (hugs)
Jin, Hextinction and I dont know the other 2 guys names held me down and forced themselves upon me last night.

I honestly wasn't mad. I smiled through the tears.

Got my belt though. So... Things went much better than expected.
(CHEER) gj!!! gratz on ur belt <3
lol btw i wasnt there
but i hear that a good hoseing helps unwanted humping.....
or u could try the goblien be gone spray. i hear booty bay sells it on the balk market
might be alot though... sorry we cant fix them though they need that edge to win :P
lol bad panda down! u already scared the poor girl! no more humping the space goats! lol

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