[H]Methodic 8/16 H LF Ele Shaman w/ Heal

We are currently seeking Ele Shaman with Offspec Heals to fill out our roster.

Guild Name: Methodic
Website: www.methodicgaming.com
Server: US-Arthas (PvP)
Raid Size: 10 man
Raid Times: 9:30-12:30 EST (6:30-9:30 PST)
Raid Nights: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Total hours per week: 9-14
Age Restrictions: 18+
Battletag Contact: Elliechan#1861

Current Progression:
5/6H MSV
3/6H HoF
4/4 TES

Recruitment Status: High Need
Ele Shaman with Offspec Heals

Will consider all other exceptional applicants that apply :)

We are a team of dedicated and determined players - when we play, we play to win. We are a diverse group of working adults, and we place a high value on our raid time together. We enjoyed strong progression throughout Cataclysm with many top 200 kills, 4 Realm First achievements, and some US 10 man kills as high as 86. Our most rewarding achievement was our US 155 Heroic 10man Ragnaros kill.

We are currently rebuilding but have succeeded to gain a full roster back and are pushing hard towards the new Thunder King raid.

If you are interested in progression without raiding 20 hours per week, visit us at www.MethodicGaming.com, also you can contact Elliechan, Chucknurish, Mytheious, or Gardrakk in-game. Also can add me to battletag: Elliechan#1861
peeps please
gogo shaman
need a good ele shaman still

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