<Phoenix Down> 10m Weekend LF Heals and Mage.

Area 52
Recruiting a Mage, a Resto Shaman and one other Class of Heals for Core 10 man raiding group. Currently 9/16 with Wind Lord at 30% and Protectors at 6%. Raid times are Fri-Sat from 10pm-1am Server/ Eastern Time.

A Bit about us. We Server xferred about 3 weeks ago, we were ranked 3rd Horde and 5th server on our Old realm back in Cata, 5/7H FL, 5/8 H DS. Been having an issue with attendance and people showing up so really looking for guys to finish our group.
We are all nice mature and fun, we enjoy raiding for the progression and are all around a friendly guild, thats wants to get things done. For more information Add my battle tag TheTruth#1590.
Are you still looking for a mage & / or healer for your core team? I just server transferred here and looking for a weekend raiding guild. Sounds like it might be a good fit

6/6 in MSV and 6/6 in HoF

I am Still looking for a Mage and a Healer. Sounds pretty good. Add my battle Tag (wich is in original post) ill put you on my friends list and we can talk more about hopefully getting you in here :)

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