[H] <Systematic> 25m 11/12N

Still looking for a few more. Join us, we don't bite, well, maybe just a little.
4/12, soon to be 5/12 and counting. This is a great team to be a part of; don't miss out!
Bump for a great group of people.
Bump for 5/12. Still need a warlock or two, among other things.

Still looking for a skilled warlock!
What is a warlock and do they exist i ask you!
I like pie
I do not like cake
Im in my thread posting and stuff ya know being awesome
Bump for 9/12. Dark Animus down.
So bored, hate work today!
Updated and stuff
Updated and stuff

Better update it again!
Updated things
Looking for a moonkin and an amazing mage!
Now 12/12 25man.
Bump for heroic Jin'rokh.
Looking for a couple skilled healers for our core group!

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