Rate the Transmog of the warr above you

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I'm sexy and i know it.
10/10 Very awesome, I really love it.
Not sure what your trying to do there... 10/10. WARRIOR!

Nothing fancy besides my unique weapon.
@Panduther - 8/10 Classic look, always liked that set. Kinda funny on a panda tho and i hate armory poses.
nice spartan warrior look. 10/10
Lucifer 7/10. Docked points because you are horde and the pose sucks so I cant see much.
For someone name Bannanaclip, you look pretty green. 7/10
02/18/2013 03:09 PMPosted by Enforcèr
For someone name Bannanaclip, you look pretty green. 7/10

No wonder he is green, you took his bananas. 9/10

If someone could recommend a clock and shield ill be set with mine.
6/10, You didnt really transmog anything and what you did does not match.
Mace on Orc. Wot? 5/10
8/10 for my old race
8/10. Very good. Like the use of a few tiers as well as some greens. The swords are eh, but not really taking away anything, but not giving that much.
8/10 not bad .. i need to find a new wepons for mine. i want 1h axe form 25 naxx last boss
That set looks pretty good on a worgen, 8/10.

Could I get a rate for-- http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/1273/raspre.jpg
9/10, Lore, I dig it. But troll toes freak me out.

Haha, as for me, ignore the gloves.
The sword gets in the way a bit, but even so, im not crazy about the shoulders with the rest of the gear, honestly, imho, id give


I do like the helm


No, really though. Always liked that set.

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