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No, really though. Always liked that set.

Not a big fan. Looks like the cloak doesn't match (from my POV).

7/10 though cause you made the effort to mix tiers to make something unique, instead of taking the easy way out and just getting a bunch of matching tier items.
@ Dugrak: Very Orcish. Not all colors match, but I see where you are going. 7/10

@ Khurgen: 8.5/10. Solid mog. Losing 1.5 points because you're a wolf in a dress, and Axehand doesn't swing that way.

You look like a blademaster!

Except they don't dual wield :(
I dig it!
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah!
I like my look :)
10/10 love it, haha!!!
7/10 ditch the cloak.
02/19/2013 07:11 PMPosted by Splinterfist
7/10 ditch the cloak.

sorry, not you Dakillah.
Kakaw! 8/10 Splinterfist
02/19/2013 08:31 PMPosted by Kakäw
Kakaw! 8/10 Splinterfist

A lot of green lol. 7/10
@Furytime 10/10. Only thing that seems out of place is your axe. If you have the De-Raged Waraxe it would go well with it. I sold mine long time ago.

Also would use Ashkandi with my tmog but it doesn't want to drop =\. Was UD too the reason I have the sword.
Looks good. One of the best Warrior tier set ever. And the weapon color matches. Excellent!! 10/10
7/10, Dragons.

...I'm working on it!
6/10 looks pretty basic

I finally finished my transmog yesterday,took a lot of time and gold to buy all the pieces but its finally done.
10/10 - Nice Pally T3 lol. I bet that confuses the hell out of people.

love the t3, get some matching weapons and its 10/10
10/10 Love the look.
Shoulders look cool, Swiftsteel Shoulders would look pretty sick too.
@ Battlehax 9.5/10 love the shield

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