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6/10 It's okay, but the sword is a vanilla model, so it's not as detailed as the rest of your gear, and it would look better if you just got all of the red DK armor from Ulduar.
Armor and weapon very suitable and perfect for an undead. 9/10 Would've been perfect score if you had a different headgear instead of the goggles.
8/10 I like the overall draconic theme, but the swords just don't match that well.

Note: I don't know why it's showing my off spec swords, but my shield stays and will include Broadaxe of the Horde When elegon decides to stop being a jerk.

I like that set, it's a shame the colours of the weapons don't match a tad more. Is there a tabard to tie them in with that you could use?

9/10 because I have always loved spiked shoulders on orcs and that specific set
@ Jellothunder
Solid. Weapon does not seem to fit, but otherwise good. 8.5/10
@ Jellothunder
Solid. Weapon does not seem to fit, but otherwise good. 8.5/10

Arrrg. I hate when people are right and those people aren't me.

Swapped out mace for brutal gladiator's pummeler, which is good and red. Matching weapon and shield colours to armor can be a pain, but the red does look better.
5/10. Not much unlikely to be a Dragonmaw. But hey, you look like a recruit soldier. The mace doesn't fit to the shield IMO.
@Jellothunder; yeah, I'm with Thesk on this one. It's an orange mace with a black/red set. 7/10.
@Thesk; Totally bad-assed; just how an orc should look. 9/10, losing the one point for the fact it's a fairly common set.
Eh 7/10.
Nothing looks Orcy. And the set as a whole appears really dull. It's a good set, and I have seen it used well... But on a Orc? It just looks weak.

Looking over it again I think I see the problem.
It's the shirt and the helm, and a little bit with the weapons.
Lose the shirt. Find one of those white Kor'kron heads, and change the swords to something like the crystal blade (the white blade of the wretched). Or maybe change the coloration to the brown or green ones. All the white on the green head really kill it.
Jozzok, I give it a 9/10. Very troll-like.
Tier 6 is one of my faves I give you an 8/10

I think I did well with what I have.

This is my final goal http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=78657:78668:78688:78706:78735:65904:40405:78452:78431:32369:40700
I'd give it a 6/10, I can see what you are going for but the colors are just clash too much for me.
The armory does it no justice, the colors are darker in game

I love the mesh of blue and gold, but I think that blue boots would fit better than your current tarnished-gold ones.
A very fitting armor tier set for the Undead, but the weapon doesn't exactly fit, although the shield does fit. But overall, very good. 9.5/10

Notice to all who looks at my set: The intention for my weapons is not to match with my armor by color, but by the overall Draconic theme. Although I wasn't sure what other 1-handed sword could go with my set besides Souldrinker.

Seriously, man. A dragon on your face, dragons on your shoulders, a dragon on your belt, and dragons on your weapons?

This guy's a walking dragonflight!
10/10 good times
@Sunnybonez: 9/10 - Nice set. I like the shoulders in particular. The only thing is your swords don't really match the rest of your armor.
I always get sad when it's not the blue version on a human though.
8/10 good look, especially for a troll

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