Balance Druid seeking progression raid team

Hello, first of all thank you for taking a look at my thread. Secondly, here is some info about me. I have enjoyed successful raid progression during Vanilla, BC, Wrath (minus Ulduar, I took a break), Cata (Minus FL, took a break there as well), and even in MoP thus far (I finished 6/6 MSV (on my warlock) in mid October before my guild fell apart) and have since came back and am tackling a entire new class and spec that I am loving.

Seeking: (H) 25m or 10m (25m preferred)
Availability: Two days a week - any two days are fine.
6pm or later start, 12pm or earlier finish. (I believe this realm is PST - if not I need to
be done by 3am Indiana time)
Personal skill: I research and perform any class/spec I undertake optimally and anything short of
this is a failure on my part that I must correct. After all, why waste my life playing a
game if I'm going to suck at it (personal favorite quote from an old WoW friend).
Criticism: I both take it well, and dish it out. In my experience in and out of game; EVERYONE is
able to improve in some way and no one will ever be "ideal," and as such each member of a raid team must take it upon themselves to refine their performance to increase their proximity to this "ideal" as best as possible.

Now for the part that might make me seem like I am an elitist !@#$%^. I promise I am not, but I know what I want and I'd rather not waste mine or anyone else's time.

*Guilds looking to contact me need to have a pure R-DPS spot in their CORE. I do not wish to Heal, Tank, or Feral DPS. Balance is something I have grown rather fond of and enjoy playing.
*The only GUILDS I am interested in joining are ones that down Heroic Content during said content. --- This means that while I am aware that I will most likely not be admitted to the top guild of the server due to my availability, I still am looking for a team that will at the very least down x/xH during each individual patch of new content, or close to. (I.E. downing heroic FL early on in the DS patch).

Thanks for your time and looking forward to finding a new group of friends =)

Hi Exodias! Would you switch to Horde? I liked your post - sounds like would make a great fit for our group. Haven is looking to fill a core dps spot and would love for you to check out our website. At the moment, we have no druids and would definitely consider a boomkin.

We raid 2 nights/week: Wed/Fri 6:45-11pm PST. Currently filling our core 10man team and will then shift into recruiting for our ultimate goal of 25man raiding (with hardmodes).

Hope to hear from you. :)

------- (recruit thread info below) -------

<Haven> is a raiding guild on the Hyjal server looking to recruit mature, like-minded individuals for 2 nights a week of dedicated raid time. Being relatively new we are starting small with the intent to grow into a 25m guild as soon as possible.

The goal of Haven is to progress through end game content, increasing the fun of its members through relationships founded on mutual respect and teamwork. Although we only raid 2 nights a week, we have a serious raiding orientation with the long-term focus of shifting into hard modes. In order to achieve this end, we also have very high expectations of our raiders. This means you must be self-motivated, knowledgeable of all the important raiding aspects of your character, come on time, and be prepared on raid nights.

In the two weeks that we have started raiding using pugs we have completed 8/16 normal mode content. We are seriously needing skilled raiders to complete our roster so that we can field our 10 man raiding group with consistent raiders. Once that base group is up and running our focus will be to continue recruiting to fill the guild to actively run 25m content.

For 10m content we need:
2 healers (non-priest)
1 solid dps

Our guild distributes loot using the EP/GP system. You can find out more information about this on our website.

To apply, visit our website and review our Guild Policy and Loot Rules under the Forums tab. You may also direct any questions to an officer in game.

Raid Nights: Wednesdays & Fridays, 7-11pm PST/Server time


We look forward to hearing from you! :)


Ebonrage & Officers

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