=Mediocrity= Recruiting Healer for late night

Server: Garona (U.S, PVE, CST)

Raid Schedule (CST)
Tuesday 12:00-3:00 AM
Thursday 12:00-3:00 AM
Sunday 12:00-3:00 AM

Progression: 10Man
6/6 MSV, 6/6 HOF, 1/4 TOES

Healer (non priest)

Mediocrity was founded back in wotlk near the end of 2009. It is run by Miraclehands, Faithmelter, Neckra, and Irotha who are all founding members. We have had past experiences killing hardmodes, leading guilds, and ranking in fights/guild progression. Although we have started late in 5.1, we plan to propel ourselves forward throughout the end of the patch, then hit 5.2 hard.

We do have interests in RBG's and Challenge Modes on off nights and weekends. Also looking to setup a second 10M group in the future.

Some of our Raider expectations are:

*Know Your Class*
We expect you to understand your priorities/rotations, stat weights and abilities. Be able to make the most of your character.

*Be Fully and Correctly Gemmed and Enchanted*

*Raiders Should Have 95%+ Attendance*
The assumption is that you are available for every raid night. If something comes up suddenly, you have the option to text an Officer with your cell phone. If you're not responsible enough to let us know when you can't make raid, we will find someone who will not waste our time. RL>WoW, but that doesn't mean that guild members are not worth the few seconds it takes for you to keep us in the know. If you can not show us this minimal level of respect, do not apply. That being said, we welcome backups who raid at their leisure but understand we make no commitment to hold them a raid slot.

*Research Fights*
Watch kill videos. Read up. Feel free to ask other guildies for help... and do it *before* the raid.

*Be Ready to Take an Invite at 12:00AM and Have All Consumables Ready Before Raid*
A few stacks of personal 300 food, a few stacks of potions, and flasks ... have that all ready. (We do supply all consumables minus the 300 Stat food which you are expected to have at all times)

*You Must Install TeamSpeak*
TeamSpeak is our preferred Voip application.

*Have a Good Attitude*
We are "progression focused". We will wipe, a lot! Do not to be a downer. Moral is very important during raids; use your own judgement when deciding if you should say something in teamspeak, guildchat, whisper, etc.

*Be Prepared to be Called Out*
If we're not going to correct our mistakes, there's no point in raiding. If you die in fire, chances are you will be called out. Even we make mistakes and we understand that, but we don't want excuses. We want you to improve and move on, if you can't take this pressure don't apply.

*Don't Slow Us Down*
Find, use and don't cover up the feast! When anyone drops a bot, repair! If we're summoning, click! etc, etc.

As always we are recruiting exceptional players. if you feel like this is the guild for you, feel free to apply!

Please Message one of the members listed above for recruitment in game.
also looking for lock,frost dk or rogue
Rogue you say? I'm intrigued...but also cursing the fact you're Horde.


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