[PvP]<Optimus> LFM For 5.2! (RBGs)

<Optimus> is a PvP Guild, located on Barthilas Horde. We are generally Aus / NZ based, however we have players from Japan and America as well. We are currently looking for more players for our RBG Groups!

Something about ourselves

While most guilds boast to being a PvP Guild since so-and-so date and have been around for however long, Optimus has humbler beginnings. Founded as a guild simply for a group of good friends to be able to PvP together, it has expanded into the massive entity that it is now, over the 1 year that it has been around. Many of its most senior members have been around long enough to say things like 'I was a tree druid before people even dared to use it'.

Something about our RBGs:

I am currently looking for Outstanding PvP players for 5.2, for our Main RBG Group. Once i get the group set we'll be doing trial runs before 5.2 hits to get to know each other and how we play

RBG Times:
Once i get the RBG Group set ill be setting times to which it suits everyone

Who are we looking for?
1 - Holy Pally
1 - Boomkin (Must know how to beam)
1 - Fire/Frost Mage (Must know how to Ring)
1 - Shadow Priest
1 - Lock (That can play all specs)
1 - Rogue (Must be #1 Ninja Capper :P)

We do accept all Exceptional PvPers that love to just Arena and World PvP!

If you think you are one of the exceptionally skilled and experienced players you are more than welcome to add Brad#1235 to get a hold of me!

We look forward to hear from you.
Who are we looking for? for the Core Group?
1 - Holy Pally
1 - Boomkin (Must know how to beam)
1 - Fire/Frost Mage (Must know how to Ring)
1 - WW Monk
1 - Warlock (That can play all specs)
1 - Disc Priest
Coming back to wow in 5.2 as WW pvp monk, and going to have Hpally for alt

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