[A] Equinoctis 11/14H LF an RDPS (non-hunter)

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hey all,

Currently, Equinoctis @ Gundrak (11/14 SoO H) is running a 10-man raid team, and we're pleased to say that we've had a blast during this tier and hope to continue doing so in WoD mythic modes.

We're always looking to improve on our guild community and would like to welcome anyone who wishes to join into our family.

In particular, we are interested in recruiting for:

-A player with Main-spec Tank or Ranged DPS interested in joining a heroic raid team progressing in the current tier, starting as soon as possible.
-Players interested in joining a mythic-mode raiding team come Patch 6.0

(11/14H SoO) at 11.30pm-2.30am SVT (GMT+11) Wed, Thurs, Sun and Mon. We are looking for core players who can commit to trying to be the very best that they can in the future, in order to make sure we're ready for Warlords and beyond.
Everyone with a positive attitude will be considered.
Please read up about us on our website before deciding if we're a good fit for your raiding needs.

Thanks for your interest. For more information, please refer to our Recruitment Forums (http://equinoctis.wowlaunch.com/). Alternatively, my Battletag is Cael#1293 if you would rather a direct chat :)

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