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Hello all.
First let me say I have no idea if I'm posting in the right section, but if not please move this thread if possible...

I Originally choose blackrock as my server back in Cata because my fiance was on it. Since MOP came out, our guild went inactive. We begged for invite privileges to bring in fresh blood. Being denied that, we both left and began wandering around the server trying to find a decent guild to join. I used to PvP lots on this toon, but have since moved more to PvE.

I just wanted to know if I should be looking to xfer to another realm since I'm having a hard time finding a group/guild at my skill level (some experience in MSV10) or possibly just a guild (one that has been raiding) willing to be patient past MSV. I'm willing to learn lol.

I wanted to hear other opinions other than my fiance as he is more PvP friendly than me and just suggests moving to Tich + Alli. I'm not sure if that'd be just the same issue for me on a new server or what

Please and thank you for your input =)

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