Matching Parts for Sanctified Normal t10?

I ran ICC25h today, and I received two tokens.

I don't have much justice, but I really want to go ahead and get what I can and xmog it, because this PvP set has gotten beyond boring.

I can get 2 Sanc pieces, and I've decided on Shoulders and Chest.

Anyone here, could you link a matching kilt/belt/gloves? I'd love you 5evr. <3

Edit - I haven't bought them yet. If you think I should get Shoulders and Kilt, and you have a matching vest, I'm all for that.

You'll need a third token for the kilt since the only offset pieces you can get are wrist, belt, boots.
I was asking moreso for a different set or something that would match it or be close enough to look nice.
ahh gotcha, could always poke around on then.
Ooo, vicious leggings seem to match well!

Yuppers. :)

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