Helping the Devs with Shaman

When they made the new abilities for shaman, someone somewhere decided to keep Rockbiter enhancement to weapon in the game. And the decided our unleash elements of that should be a taunt. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but NO WHERE in the history of shaman has this been...helpful...nifty...or even amusing. So rather than take a completely useless and just ignorant ability out of the game, they continued to develop more uselessness. Just take it out.
This brings me to my next point. Blizzard developers have an extremely hard time being wrong. History will show, when a horrible thing has been implemented, they will NEVER take it out of the game, just modify it or Nerf it over a period of years. Yes years.
Elemental Shaman need help. There i said it. The players don't suck, and those with full elite pvp gear don't suck, but the rest of us have no arena representation other than those that were carried (see their stats). I play and i have so many brilliant idea to make us more effective, and wonder why the developers cant think of the same idea. We can enhance our weapons right? Why has no one came up with the same idea for our shields? I know you don't have to use shields, but you would if you could have similar enhancements on them.
Fire Shield Throw could allow us to spread our flame shock to all people within 8 meters (not increasing the proc of instant lava burst). Frost Shield Throw could cause the person cast speed to be increased by 50% for 8 seconds, or melee speed lowered by 50%. Rockbiter Shield Throw would clearly be a 5 second stun. Earthliving Shield Throw (the healing one) would make a healing explosion on site of landing that instantly heals a moderate mount of health. These are just ideas from a common Shaman. Imagine how cool it would be swapping enhancements on your shield to suit your current situation in pvp.
Share your bright idea's here.
Alrighty, if you want to help, you're in the wrong forum. Devs don't read class forums. You'd be better off going to arena/bg/damage dealing forums.

That said, GC admitted Ele is low. They are currently looking at ways to buff us besides lolbufflavaburst. So hopefully in the next ptr build or two we get some nice toys to play with.
02/18/2013 08:55 PMPosted by Nikonarou
but NO WHERE in the history of shaman has this been...helpful...nifty...or even amusing

Beth'tilac, taunting down spiders, was pretty helpful for me.

Outside of that you're right though.

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