Casual raiding?

Are there any guilds that raid in the time frame of 3-8pm eastern during the week? Im a Resto shaman just looking for some casual play.
Thanks, Kore
Grac! Whats up man? I feel like doing a bit of raiding but im not sure if there is a guild out there that meets my needs... Hope to see ya around!
I'll keep my eye out, 3-8 is pretty early for most people, might have trouble finding something around that time unless you tried to start a group yourself with some friends. And that's not even taking into consideration your exp in MoP raids, ilevel, how you play your class, ect.
Thanks for the input. Im actually considering starting up my own group. Playing my class isnt something im worried about. Ive been playing a shaman since my time back in Forgotten in BC. Them were the good ole days!
On an off note, Kagome... That name is very familiar for some reason. Do I know you? lol
It's possible. But I'm probably the worst person on this game when it comes to remembering names. :P

I am looking to raid around the same schedule as you, having a hard time finding a guild.

My availability is 2 nights a week mon/thurs from 4-8 EST, if you are looking to start a group/guild for raids, I am def interested in helping out.

Hit me up @Hoezzz#1575 if you end up starting a group or want to chat about it.
Kore if weekends are an option for you as well, let me know. you can find me in game easy enough.
I wish the weekends were available for raids. Im often online but my time is unpredictable.

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