A simple question about Inquisition.

Now Inquisition is vital to our dps as a buff, but I have a general question about it that confuses me. Why in the world can you override a max Holy Power Inquisition with a single stack Holy Power Inquisition? Rogue's Slice and Dice doesn't allow this (it's the only spell I personally know of that works similarly and has as big of an impact on dps as Inquisition.) Hopefully if someone knows why they allow this, that person can let me know, because I've racked my own brain about it, and it still makes no sense to me.
Either way, if this goes unresolved or I get a legitimate answer, which is rather unlikely think about it, and have a nice day.
That's getting fixed next patch.
Oh is it? Darn I should read the updated notes, thank you sir!

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