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Area 52
I'm currently stuck on a medium population server with hardly any active horde progression. I'm looking for high population realm to play on. Ideally I'd like to play on a balanced faction numbers realm but those are few and far between in the high population sector. I know Area 52 is Horde heavy so it's one that I'd like to find out more about.

So here we go with a few questions about Area 52. I'm looking for a place that has a lot of raid activity, not just a few guilds dominating but a bunch of guilds doing a good amount of raiding. How does this realm fit in there?

Most importantly I don't want to have to wait in a queue to join the game so if a server hits "full" for a good while that's a deal breaker. How is the population on Area 52? Is it full often or does it just level out as high population?
Thanks for reading.
There's quite a bit of pugs which run current raids, their progression differs by a lot though some manage a few heroics while others disband after the first or second boss. There's active recruitment and a lot of friendly people who try to help you improve your raid awareness and role. Most guilds are on a 3 day raid schedule but some go more and some less. Area 52 has quite a few active raiding guilds at the moment but the progression differs by quite a bit.

There's always something going on in trade whether its current or old content.

Also I've only experienced a queue a couple of times at the moment if you are hit with a queue it is less than 1 minute wait and rarely happens but when mop hit the queue was fairly long. I haven't experienced a log in queue for a while now though.

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