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[ Check out our site for information about us, and more!: http://thejadepawdynasty.shivtr.com/ ]

The Jadepaw Dynasty is a heavy RP guild looking for pandaren to join us for our weekly events!

The Jadepaw clan is made up of pandaren from the Wandering Isle and Pandaria. Although we are all different, our common thread is to protect pandaria, and pandaren interests abroad. We do this by creating trade contacts, supporting our allies, and fighting all those who threaten our borders.

The Jadepaw offer a wide variety of RP, from small jobs around pandaria to long campaigns. A major focus of the guild is creating a culture around pandaria to improve not only our own RP, but those who simply wish to visit for a time.

The Jadepaw itself is a neutral, pandaria aligned faction. Recent developments have shifted the clan's focus towards the alliance, who are our predominant trade partners and allies. Because of this we accept both neutral and alliance aligned members!

Come patch 5.4, a main focus of the guild will be helping restore the vale, while also bolstering Pandaria's defenses in the fallout of the vale's destruction.

OOC Information

We invite any friendly, WoW loving people to stop by and say hello! We try hard to foster a welcoming environment in our guild. Drama and bashing is not tolerated.

The Jadepaw use our guild chat ICly, and an OOC channel for all other discussion. This allows people to join the channel on their mains, but still keep tabs on when we're running events without always needing to be on their pandaren character.

Outside of roleplay, we do regular heroics, scenarios, and raid finder runs. We have weekly writing contests with plenty of prizes, and encourage creativity amongst members!

We are a level 25 guild with all leveling perks and heirlooms. We do not have a level cap- as soon as your pandaren is off the isle, they are welcome to come stop by.


As a pandaren guild, we try to keep our membership pandaren only. We accept non-pandaren only on extremely rare exceptions. Most of the non-pandaren have a close relationship to an existing member [such as a mentor or family], or joined as founding members.

However, members are free to have their alts join as OOC members.

We also have several close ties to non-pandaren groups that join us for RP. The jadepaw itself is pandaren only, but not our community! If people in other guilds wish to just participate in events, all they need to do is contact one of our officers.

Where do we RP?

We RP all over Azeroth, but have a heavy focus on RP outside the cities and in Pandaria. RP events that take place in higher level zones will typically have summons for lower level members.

Due to the number of monks in the guild, the peak of serenity is another place we often meet when no summons are available.

What are RPs like?

Most of our events run something like a DM game. We use D20 for attacks and encounters, but don't limit ourselves just to fighting. We do a lot of exploring, archeology digs, card games, and more. There is generally a plot thread going on, but each event is usually self contained unless otherwise specified.

On saturdays we have a more relaxed evening, where people just meet up and chat. Sometimes we may play some simple games.

Weekly Meetings

We have a wide variety of meetings that change each week. However, these four are recurring:

  • Tuesday, 7 server. Clan LFR
  • Wednesday, 7 server.
  • Thursday, 7 server.
  • Saturday, 7 server. Drunken Hozen Tavern, Jade Forest.
  • Sunday, 7 server. Sparring
  • You can view more of our schedule on our site!

    Event Screenshots


    Who to contact?

    You may direct any questions or joining requests to:

    Yao [ Alt: Meiwan, Wulon, Lia, Sen ]
    Caokun [ Alt: Meichen, Wuyan, Xiaoye, Embertail ]

    Each week we hold a writing contests for over 1k in prizes! Special features include art, pets, and other fun things.

    Cross Guild Events and Allies

    We are always looking to do cross guild events with other groups, whether it be short term plots or something more extensive! If your guild is doing a campaign in Pandaria and you wish to have some contact with the locals [so to speak!], feel free to drop one of our officers a line.

    In addition, we're always looking to participate in server-wide events.
    Come join us!

    Love this guild <3
    Bump for pandas, they look funny when they sneeze.
    That we do!
    02/20/2013 10:37 AMPosted by Feltongue
    Bump for pandas, they look funny when they sneeze.

    Whoa, Feltongue. I do not concur.

    We're to have a word together soon... with coffee and biscuits. Familiar with the phrase, "sneezy business"?
    I was prepared to be impressed by your guild, but watching one of your members (the self-professed King of Brewmasters) yell homophobic epithets in Stormwind changed my mind.

    Sorry, but if disgusting children like that represent your guild I don't think anyone should take you seriously.
    He has been removed from the guild. I apologize.

    As it stands, we do NOT tolerate that sort of behavior.

    If anyone has seen bad behavior by one of our members, please do not hesitate to contact one of our officers. We take these things very seriously.
    I definitely want to apologize to the server for the actions of one of our people, such displays of close-minded foolishness are -not- our way. As Yao has stated we want to provide a warm and friendly environment for everyone that interacts with us, guildmates and the public alike! Negative actions like what was seen is not a representation of our guild, and we want to assure everyone that such behavior will not be tolerated whatsoever.

    We are greatly sorry for what has happened but want to thank everyone who brought this to our attention. The offending party has been removed from our family and going forward we only wish to continue providing a warm and friendly experience for anyone who sees the Jadepaw banner.
    /exorcises troll spirits.
    Bump <3
    Great meet-up last night!
    I just noticed I was in one of those screenshots! Always feels weird seeing other people take pics of my characters :P

    Man, I stand out more than I thought >.>

    On-topic, these guys are amazing! I've been able to flesh out Nei-Zhi's character easier and have a blast RPing as her due to the Jadepaw and their RP events. I'd recommend anyone interested in pandaren to strongly consider joining up. You won't regret it!
    Haha, I am always taking pictures. /creeperstare

    ...actually I got a ton of screenshots I need to clean up and upload at some point.
    Hmm. I rolled a Pandaren last night. I'll be looking into this guild and will definitely be hitting you all up (haha, monk joke. please don't kill me) sometime later today.
    You all have fluffy butt's
    We can definitely take a few monk jokes. ;] Feel free to ship one of us a tell!

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