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We're meeting with the Silverforge Consortium in Dawn's Blossom tonight!
Thanks to everybody from <The Silverforge Consortium> for turning up, the event was a blast and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Mad props to Pyrillia, for not only challenging Taly to a drink-off, but almost beating her and changing her chemical compostion to about 40% alcohol!
You mean it wasn't already? :P
Woah, that is some hardcore drinking!

But I also wanted to thank Silverforge! You guys were a lot of fun, and I look forward to planning more events with you in the future.
That was a pretty great evening! I certainly look forward to future interactions.

Bump for RPers that have both quality and quantity.
Huh...we did something last night? I guess that explains why I'm in Dawn's Blossom...
Huh...we did something last night? I guess that explains why I'm in Dawn's Blossom...

I remember downing a few kegs, then you downed a few kegs which surprised me. Then there's just this haze of what I think was more drinking. And then I woke up in bed with a headache and a bellyache.

I think someone gave me a hug at some point?
Next time it'll be a tea party!

/Yao is never heard from again.
Thanks everyone who turned up to The Binan Vigil!

I'm very happy that everybody not only turned up, but enjoyed themselves as well. I promise next time I won't be quite as derpy with my DM'ing. Still gotta get a feel for it in WoW as opposed to tabletop.
You and Meishado were fantastic! Seriously, I usually end up doing more behind the scenes stuff when we run events, so it was great to actually be able to just sit back and participate. I am really looking forward to the next one!

So, for people who are interested: We now run a late night DMevent at 8server on Sundays for people who can't make the usual meetings!
Booty bump!
Hello there,

I am new to this realm and rp, and am looking for a good home. I think your guild may just be what I am looking for. I have this character and one other I would like to bring in to your ranks, if possible...

Thanks in advance
We'd love to have you! If you want, contact one of the officers or fill out an application to the site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Welcome to WRA!
Come join us Watpo! We need more male priests.

I was gonna roll an alt if one didn't show up soon (I'll probably do it anyway.)

Oh! And yes, welcome to the server!
We do! We don't have a lot of priests in general. We are secretly <MONKPAW DYNASTY>.

But that has changed a lot in recent months!
We are secretly <MONKPAW DYNASTY>.

Is it just me, or are we everything but Jadepaw these days.
I don't know what you're talking about.

I hope Kyomi's alright :x

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