remember when the OP asked something about DRs? nope.
Actually to answer your question, Rogues seem to share a DR with just about every class -- that never stopped them. Today I learned that Blind counts as a Fear. Psychic Horror's Disarm will share with other Disarms as well. Garrote is your Silence. Guarantee I'm forgetting some for all of these classes.

As for stuns, Cheap Shot may or may not be in a separate category from Kidney Shot/Hammer, depending on how out-of-date my information was. Gouge/Sap is Repentence. All these effects have different situational uses, and aside from the original problem of Ret Pallys existing, this could be a viable team with amazing Control.

Yes, you will be overlapping some CC, but you will have so much of it to go around that it should not be a problem.

Tell your Pally to become a Shaman.

Spriest/Rogue is a very control oriented team. You're not gonna get much pewpew out of that as if you were KFC. You need a 3rd player who is just as tactical and slow build-up.
the rogue dies in the first 5 seconds then you are stuck with a 2v3

this strat wont work


How I presing divine shield buton

lol k then what happens after?

Ur whole team is dead after... I played ret/war/rogue on ptr and didnt lose any games... Shrouded in and dropped skull banner and GG

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