Please explain me low level brackets

I just want to know why people make lvl 70, 80, 85 twinks? Dont they get crushed in BGs by lvl 74, 84, 89 players???
Stats scale better at lower levels, which equals more damage, so no not typically. And they make them for easy achievements.
Not currently. The way stats scale at lower levels makes you more powerful than higher levels.

My buddies 85 roguetwink could almost kill my warlock in a few CDs.

He got much weaker every single time he leveled up. Then he was total garbage once he dinged 90.

Such is twinking.
What Ticachu said.

iirc level 10 Rogues are notorious for this. Their avoidance gets absurd.
It's actually because they are hacking.

Report those cheaters

I'm not sure how the 70 or 85 bracket is doing now but in the 80 bracket the vast majority of people are leveling to 84 just because of so many mop level blues being available. Even the green pieces have pretty amazing itemization. Traditionally leveling up will just make you a less threatening target with a little extra hp but these ilvl 400+ mop blues have such high stats on them an 80 really can't compete with an 84 in most situations. To answer your question though leveling a twink beyond the old level cap is usually a poor decision and will earn you a lot of griefing from other people in the bracket.

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