[H] <Prominent> 3 Nights, 13/13H LF BrM

For the Love of God dont make us waste our time... if u think u cant make our 3 day raiding nights just DONT apply. Sorry Arch im just a little upset to dont use strong words.
Bump for a Good geared and experienced Hunter. Plz be reliable, have good attendance and dont be stupid. and yes i dont know english but noone cares, and i dont care what u have to say to correct me. ^_^
bump for hunter
Still LF an experienced hunter with more than 1 xpac worth of raiding xp...
Recruitment closed atm
Currently recruiting ilvl 530+ Hunter/Boomkin/Ele
a smart DK works? wait... smart players dont play DK's ^_^
bump hunter,boomkin, or spriest
Bump! if u add a boomkin and a spriest... u should also add ele shammy to the list.
If you a geared boomkin, spriest, or hunter (or possibly ele shammy) you wanna join this guild, we go hard in the paint. #nobichassness
boomkin, spriest, or hunter
Check us out DPS
H Lei Shen down. 163 pulls - including losing a main raider(hunter) and going through 4 pugs during those attempts. Also switching our hpalli to his ret os i522 and used a sub raider spriest with i528, making 1 whole extra dps and thus 2 healing it.
So Glad he is dead!
Now to Ra-Den
13/13H Ra-den down. Woot!
LF a BrM to replace me in 5.4. Be like me or better and you can get in.
bumping. new lei shen vid up from our first kill thanks to hathina for making it.


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