Lotus is looking for raiders

Lotus is looking for a tank to fill a slot in the core 10 man team.

We're a team of players who raided together from WotLK and Cataclysm. We are very close knit and friendly to newcomers. We strive on the principle that team cohesiveness is more important towards progress over biting each others heads off.

If this seems like something you would be interested in send Hellrime, Aroari, or Doubtful an in-game mail or whisper to ask any questions you may have.

Current members are 6/6 MV, 5/5 HoF, 4/4 ToES (1/4 H ToES), 6/13 ToT. Raid times are Tues and Thurs, 6 p.m. server - 9 p.m. server. All raid times are open to negotiation.
Bump - Still looking for that healer/dps
Hello I am healer and currently looking for core group o_O (xfer server is not issue )
Jyxmz I would like to speak more if you have some time. If you could create a level 1 on the realm so we can speak more in depth. Whisper Hellrime or Doubtful in game.
Sure I will contact you tomorrow at asap
Hello Hellrime!

I was wondering what Ilvl do you want for the healer/dps. I am currently working on my ele sham (Sylents) Ilvl 475. Not sure you are still in need since today is 2/26.

Have a great day!
Bump. Still looking for an ele or resto shaman to round things out.
Bump for 6/13 and a need for a tank!
Bump for a tank-- and to update progression since hellrime is lazy ;D 8/13.
Bump for Trog being a baddie!

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