Thinking of rolling a DK or Warrior

Hello everyone,

This is 'the grass is greener on their side' kind of question. Kinda want to ask people who saw and touched that grass.

I've been playing ret since 3.3 wrath (since 5.1 on US realms) and really like the spec, but recently I've been thinking about expanding my horizons in melee. I know that I need to play myself to form an opinion, but to get to 90 and gear up takes time. So I'm curious if any ret players, who also played Warrior or DK, recently can share their opinion how are they in relation to ret gamestyle?

I leveled Arms to ~55 and it's kinda fun, but I'm afraid I won't be able to utilize all of the tools that warriors have. I've been having blast in Battle Stance in low level BGs but read a guide and it said to use Def stance almost all the time in PvP and such. All those 1h/shield swap macros for spell reflect, intervene to allied target and such. All this suggests that smashing everyone gamestyle that I like in warriors is actually wrong, and there are much more nuances to them.

Then go DKs. I heard that DKs have very easy priority rotation and high damage output and pressure which seems fun. But it doesn't feel as fluid as ret. And people keep talking about how poor DKs are in other aspects.

So, can you list all things that you liked about DK/Warr compared to ret and what things you didn't like.

Thank you.

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