Fresh 90 tank, plz give me pointers w/ gear

Death Knight
Most players want to be told "DO THIS" and basically when they see a number they want the easiest solution. If they see a complicated equation they will automatically try break it down to one simple number. That 2.5 is what they will see in an attempt to forget the rest of it. The macro is simple truly but many would probably look at the macro and find it automatically overwhelming when it's even easier than sitting there trying to multiply or divide what their dodge and parry should be based on each other. Why do you think so many go to askmrrobot for their answers because they are afraid to even try for themselves.

As reniat is saying every slot changes things. For example if I replaced a slot that was parry/mastery with one that is dodge/mastery that now will change what I have to reforge for avoidance on other gear possibly. So I'd click the macro and it will tell me what my ideal parry is? If I'm above it I'd try to turn more parry into dodge if I'm under the parry I need then I'll be turning dodge into parry. For example as I gain more dodge I will always need more parry. As I lose dodge my ideal parry drops. No matter what the slot has avoidance so that is a gain.

Basically it's like that. So here is how it could work. The macro says you'll need 22.25% parry for your current dodge. But your parry is 21.95%. So you then go and reforge dodge into parry on a ring or something and how the gap is closer. Maybe the macro then says you need 22.05% and your current parry is now 22.09%. You'll have now made them closer to each other in a sense better helped/balanced your avoidance. It's could have just left it how the gear was originally without even your healers noticing a difference but you would have been able to get your diminishing returns closer to each other.
Best pointer tips:

Step 1: Reforge and enchant everything to mastery.

Step 2: Macro Death Strike to every key on keyboard.

Step 3: Make fist above keyboard.

Step 4: Lower and raise fist onto keyboard keys in two second intervals.

Step 5: Loot dead non-player character and celebrate the sweet sweet victory.

Congratulation you are Death Knight tank number one!
You are welcome.
@zonbi if it's so easy, then where's your fearless title?

and boom goes the dynamite
I did not have a lot of time last night to do much. My wife wanted to do other things seeing as it was Valentines Day...

I did get to run a few heroics and drop a few thousand gold on a DMF trinket. Something that bugs me: I have been getting more DPS gear drops than tank gear. I don't mind the DPS gear as I will use it for soloing or make a real DPS spec. IDK yet.

Anyhow, tonight I should have more time to play and I hope to get myself all sorted out.

@Tor: I see what you are saying. It is the whole "you figure out what is best and let me know" attitude. Everything in the game from what I have seen has been that way for a very long time. Ppl are either spoiled or just can't get away from that mindset.

@Zonbi: When I let my cat play for me that's how I set everything up. I will let her go, AFK and have a smoke while drinking a beer.
Tanking is a gray area about overall survival and versus the strength of your healers. Even how much health you should have for specific boss mechanics can change even what gems you should use if you're for example looking at other tanks. One who is higher geared and has enough avoidance and base health they may push towards hit/expertise more intensely. If the tank is going to be tanking a heroic spell heavy boss they could be focusing on solid gems just to give extra breath room for the damage that follows the heaviest hits. It's all opinions and our own perspectives. So in the end you do have to decide for yourself.

So as an example in the stam/effective health arguments I tend to use the "I carry an extra stam trinket" rule and use Fractured, Fine & Puissant gems based more on socket bonuses. I don't think everyone should ever do what I do.

For the idea that people are "lazy", I wouldn't go that far. I do think many are just more concerned with the "how" than the "why". On top of that is that everyone believes just their own experiences. So for example if every warlock you ran into via random dungeons and lfr's were horrible it could turn into your believing that warlocks are just one of the worst classes for dps. If healer runs into a bunch of warrior tanks that have issues holding aggro and taking a ton of damage they'd think that class is horrible for tanks. The list goes on on.

As dps it's easier to say that X is better than Y but in tanking it's rare that you can really blame everything on one exact issue unless you're one shot. Did the dice rolls work against you. Was a healer late on a heal. Did someone lag. The list the goes on and on. You can only do your part which can likely include asking your healers what they think if debating things like effective health, threat or mitigation in regards to gems and enchants.

For balancing your mitigation though it is definitely slot by slot and day by day for each and every upgrade. For example I'm barely .05 off perfect for my dodge and parry. I just am not going to bother trying to trade things around more and more to refine it. It's close enough imo.
Hi, Darksehb! I can help.

The stats you want go like this: Mastery > armor/stamina > parry > Dodge > Strength!

If you see a piece of plate gear and it has Mastery or Dodge/Parry on it, grab it! Forget about the other stats. Crit/Hit/Expertise/Haste can all be reforged to a better stat!

Keep diseases on targets. Use Roiling Blood (First row of talents)! It makes spreading diseases during multi-target situations easy! If there's one or two targets, use Blood Runes on Heart Strike. If there's more than two targets, use Blood Runes on Blood Boil.

Don't be afraid to use Bone Shield, Anti-Magic Shell, Vampiric Blood, Icebound Fortitude, Dancing Rune Weapon, or Empower Rune Weapon. These are your core defensive "Cooldowns" and you'll want to use them as much as possible.

The more your practice/use your abilities, the more comfortable you'll become.


If you ever have questions, feel free to message me in the game. I play on the Mal'ganis server.
@ Tor: Very true. I have lvld healers as well as tanks and dps before. I know where each class comes from. Your input is great and I hope others read this thread and can learn from everything we all have discussed.

@ Peekochu: Thank you for the advice as well as the encouragement. I will look for you if I am online and could use some pointers. In fact I will hit you up tonight or this weekend if you are available to go over some stuff.

I am grateful that everyone who posted in this thread was so helpful. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and we can all be back to discuss more!
np btw. If/when you have a question or want some clarification and at times simplification of a mechanic and so on for DK. I'm around on one of my characters. If there is someone from my guild on with a name that starts with Tor it is me lol.
Darksenhb and whoever else can gain something from this.

To be a very good death knight tank during the actual tanking part requires three main things:

1. An addon that can track your runes that best suites you. I use DDR, you can get it on curse, and I love it because it's simple and easy to customize.

2. Key bind main abilities like blood boil, heart strike, death strike, and your cooldowns. This will probably take the longest to get used to and the most frustrating in the beginning. A good way to get used to them is a training dummy and 5 mans.

3. Think about the fights that are coming up ahead and stock up on death runes.

Finally stay calm when things go wrong, and don't apologize every time something goes wrong. Not everything is the tank's fault new or not.
Going back to that macro to calculate parry: Next best thing to sliced bread!

To anyone reading through this thread: USE THE MACRO! It helps so much.

@ False: TY for the extra input. IMO the more the better! We can all learn from eachothers style. It does not matter if you are a new or seasoned tank, LFR hero, or heroic raider... All input is welcome!

That being said, I am now high enough item lvl to try my hand at tanking LFR. I will still work on replacing the last couple of greens I have before I give it a real shot. I might even hold out until I get all 5 man heroic geared out.

Now that I am home it's time to pour a drink and get down on the grind... The heroic grind. Hopefully I see some of you in a random LFG.
Though we both have horns, a tail and hooves sadly we would never end up in the same 5 man. C'est la vie

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