ESO is going to be the 2004 WoW in 2013-14!

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Thanks to the whole SWTOR fisaco, I have decided to lowered my expectation regarding elder scroll. So as such ...I am going to picture a game that has no flying mount, we have to run around on foot to explore. Quest broken up everywhere. No raid initially yet but that is ok because as long as we keep on playing we will have it a year or so later.

Definitely no addons of any sort, god forbid. I also expect a decent exp grind to get to the next level and no real storying to go anywhere. We will be sandboxed. I am also looking forward to getting people off their lazy behind and actually LOOK for a group to run dungeons with, no more just queuing up. Nope nope. Take the laziness out of the gaming .

So as such if Elder Scrolls Online can have everything wow did at Wow Launch back in 2004 I would definitely be playing it for the next 7-8 years to come. :)
Its not just SWTOR its every failure that was hyped up to be a WoW Killer. Since GW2 dryed up after 2 weeks when the hype disappeared, I gave up on being excited for new MMOs. I will try them when if i get in a beta or play a friends account, but will not buy them.

2 much money wasted on a game that dies out after 2 weeks - month. SWTOR really did break my heart the most.

I hope ESO is fun, If I do buy it will be a side game. Only Titan could takeover my time in WoW thats if Titan even strikes my interest.
ESO will be fun, but from what I'm hearing don't expect it to be similar to WoW.

It's sounding like it's semi-sandbox as far as economy goes, with the best gear coming from ALL branches of play, and PvE and PvP being essential to crafting mats for certain items, but htose items being able to be sold.

Which is really cool.

I'm totally hyped for PvP, and I'm NEVER hyped for PvP.

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