Recruitment! Alliance of Archangels

Hey fellow awesome people,

Spread the word Alliance of Archangels are recruiting for all sort of people, players and creatures. We are all very quite friendly and enjoy helping out others to obtain progress for the guild overall.

We are an Australian based guild which runs at Australian times. Raiding days and times are as follows: Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 7:30pm - 8:00pm, you are expected to gather mats and other raid consumables!

Strats must be read if joining our raiding team. Understanding and education is vital to a successful raid and having each and every person understanding the fight before it goes ahead is magical :)

Benefits? Plenty!

- Guild .com website
- Level 25 guild!
- Raiding calendar and raid signups.
- Great social chat.
- Vent servers!
- over 50 active members over 300 members in total!
- Plus more!

We are currently looking for everything and anyone to continue our progress within MoP!

Please don't hesitate to suss us out via our website and PM anyone of us to help understand our application process!
Free cookies for all!
Bump for Urlon and AoA :)

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