80 Bjam twinks owning 90s in Hyjal.

So I was in hyjal herbing and I hear my gladiator lossa going crazy and why do I find. 3 level 80 warriors owning up a level 90 restoration shaman and 90 ret pally. I was like well this isn't going to last long but watched one reflect a hex and then HOJ and all 3 of the pop reck and destroy the shaman, then turned to the pally and face till him. I flew down to talk a little smack to the 2 90s who ignored me after my first comments. The warriors all looked alike and had almost the same names but after I armoried them, I don't think they were boxing. Check them out and if you are horde in Arthas and you run across them in Hyjal, best bring back up Rofl. O. Their names were Bjamqt, Bjamqd, and Bjamqq.
Hahah I was trying to look them up and found this thread. I watched them kill a 90 hunter, Dk, and holy pally. I'm gonna hit them up in game if I can catch them on.
I hit em up and they are all separate people. Just good friends having a good time. I told them to make some videos for YouTube.
Their gear is crazy. I can't imagine the procs they get. Dancing steel, wind song. Engineering.
If these 3 got to 90 they'd own us all.
I want a video of this. Love seeing 90s die to lower lvls
about time we see some lowbies getting some respect lol
What is up guys. I thought I was lied to when I heard about this forum. Well there are 4 Bjam twinks running around now. We see 90s pickin on lowbies, so we swoop in to help a little. We all love world pvp and I garuntee we aren't scared to jump in even if we don't have a shot. I've killed so many 90s that I didn't think I'd have a chance against.

On the subject of videos, my friend Jeremy is getting fraps, and if it goes well, I will help him set up a live stream of our world pvp/ arena and bgs. I loved reading these awesome posts. Hit one of us up in game anytime.

Bjamqt (me)
Bjamqq (Jeremy)
Bjamqd( Nate)
Bjamgg (T dawg)
Had to bump this for Jeremy to find. :P
Hurry up and stream it.
Will do. I fraps a lot but my Internet connection is too slow to upload. I put a few on YouTube but it took so long.

I had a good clip of this 90 ww monk jumping me today. Reflected his touch of karma Rolf. Ill hurry him up though. Thanks for the support.
Just got my new computer and DL'd everything I needed to get it up and going. I should be able to fraps or steam some videos within the week. I believe BjamQD can do the same as well and ask BjamGG that way we can get multiple perspectives.
Can I just ask why you guys prefer to twink? Like, as good as you all are at 80 (even faced against a 90) you'd probably cause people to rage quit if you were at max level.
I think what you guys do is amazing btw, but I want some good Alliance to gank in Pandaria. Your faction-mates are weak.
Probably because the scaling with MoP gear is hillarious.

I have an 80 mage. 2 million + combustion ticks ftw

Not too much skill involved with it at all, but it's something fun to play around with.
The scaling is crazy. I have a 5 year old and a full time job so I can't keep up with capping every week and upgrading. It's too much of a job.
And there is a difference between being a twink and killing people your level. It's not easy killing 90s. There is a great deal of skill involved. I'm not saying we are leet but were not your average twinks.
This interests me.
check out there gear its pretty pro
Raids are pretty fun too. I can pull threat off 90 geared tanks if I forget to get out of defensive stance. And the dps is just crazy. I've pulled 300k dps on the big aoe pulls in icc. We are currently trying to make 80 twinking a little bigger. I've helped buy everyone's gear in the guild. I already have 2 more Bjam door breakers and more gear if anyone wants to join us. We Skype a lot when we world pvp and arena. Hit us up.

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