[A] Thurs. Feb 21, MORNING MV 6/6N PuG 9:30AM

Hello Folks,

It's Reading Week, going to do a fun pug run on Thursday Feb 21st 2013. We'll clear 6/6MV followed by a few bosses in HoF. If the dps is solid and we have time to spare we may hit up ToES.

Time: Thursday Feb 21st in the morning 9:30AM CST to 1:00PM CST
Loot System: MS 1000, OS 100, Patterns link 600 roll 1000
Stuff to bring: Flasks, pots, and ability to listen on vent.

We could use another tank, a good healer, and 1 or 2 dps. Rest are mostly alts from <Air> plus some friends.

If interested please post in this thread and I will add you to the calendar invite list. Optimized reforging, full enchants/gemming and half a brain is required to join this raid.

Please be online 15min before raid start.

toes is by far easier then hof
That is correct in terms of mechanics.
bump bump
Humm kind of early in the day, I'll try to see if I can catch you guys.

Resto Shammy
6/6MV cleared, look for us next week XD

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