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just moved to this server to pvp with friends but they dont raid and im looking for a guild that wants to push content but i just cant raid on the weekdays due to my work i work 5-12am on weekdays and have the weekend off im 486 bear tank / feral dps druid 6/6 msv 4/6 Hof and 0/4 Toes stopped playing right when Toes came out cause of the guild breaking up friends came over here i then i just got back to p[aying came over here looking for a new guild pst me in game or reply
<Masses to Ashes> is a weekend raiding guild on Ner'Zhul Horde side looking for a few good players to fill its 10 man raid.

Currently we are 2/12 and we are looking for a few experienced players who know their class well and are willing to put the time and effort in to push progression. These are core positions and you will be expected to maintain solid attendance and be consistant with your performance in raid.
Raid Times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 8:30 - 11:30 PST
Our current dps needs are:

Mage - Fire
Shaman- resto
Priest- Shadow
Paladin- Holy
Druid- Resto

Please contact us further if you have any other questions.

Contact Info:
Ragegasm (GM) - ragegasm#1475
Bunnikins (Co-GM) - failbunni#1907
Yaretzi (Officer) - juju#1284

Or apply for your raid spot at: massestoashes.enjin.com

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