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To the top with you!
"'Ye damned Scarlets!"
You guys are friendly and awesome. Looking forward to meeting the rest of you!
"I'm watchin' 'ye!"

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Excited for the Triple-Alliance Officiation & Ball tonight!
*bump* To old friends and new faces. Glad to see the rise once more.
BIG, BIG storyline beginning!

Seeking Guardsmen!
We'll find 'ye, Lord Malus!
Galvynn, my old 'friend'

I properly write this letter to inform you that in all of Azeroth, and in Draenor, you and your Confederates shall never find me, or send me to certain death at the gallows. No, it is not this day. In fact, I shall move to take everything from you and your men, and when this is all over, when all of this is all over...Only one of you will snap, and a new Lord Malus will rise from -your- ranks. Simply to show that every one, if given enough grief, can become this 'mad man' you make me out to be...

Sincerely yours,
Lord Malus.

Oh, and tell your man who lost his family. It's nothing personal...It's just a game after all.
Galvynn clutched the parchment in his hands as he sat at the large desk in his office, his face still tainted with minor bruises and dried cuts from the bombing of the previous day. He shook his head with disdain, then returned his attention towards the elderly Dwarven advisor before him.

"Is this all he brought forth?"

The advisor shook his head.

"The man -- or 'wot is left of a man -- believes that this is all some sort of game. Innocent lives taken at the hands of his vile constituents, and the tormented soul believes that this is nothing more than a game.. Well, I'll tell 'ye this: Malus and the people of Vanitas will pay 'fer their crimes against the Confederacy an' our Grand Alliance. I will not rest until he is found and maimed for all of the world 'te see!"

Galvynn crumpled up the letter and tossed it into the stone fireplace nearby.

"Last night's attempt against my life has failed, but I do not fear the day he may succeed. If he believes that my demise will be just cause 'te raise our white flags of surrender, he is dead wrong. The Confederacy shall live on long after I leave this world, and with it, the fight against him and his followers."

He pointed a finger towards the large door that connected his office to the hall outside.

"Summon the Chancellery. We have business 'te discuss."
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