[A] <Happy Endings> 11/16HM Recruitment

<Happy Endings> is a ten man heroic progression guild, consisting of core raiders from the recently downgraded raiding guild <Trademark>.

All of our raiders are exceptionally skilled at their class, and like wise we only recruit people who are too. We expect consistant performance in all the roles that you offer us, everyone has bad nights, but we will replace you if your performance at any stage hold backs the progression of the guild.. Our ultimate goal is to compete for top realm/oceanic kills on 10 man. For this reason exactly, the guild has no interest in wasting a raider spot on sub-par players who cannot compete with other players or fail to simple raid mechanics numerously.

Website: TBA (currently switching domain hosting)
Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday - 7.45 PM - 12 AM AEST (Server Time)
*All raiders are expected to have an attendance rate of atleast 90% given we are 10 man.

Current Progression(10HM):
Mogu'Shan Vaults: 6/6
Heart of Fear: 5/6
Terrace of the Endless Spring: 0/4

Current Recruitment Needs:
*We are always looking to recruit exceptional players. If you feel you are one, feel free to shoot any of our raiders a message ingame regarding recruitment.

x1 Warrior: Protection (ilvl 497 or above, and substantial HM experience mandatory).
x1 Paladin: Protection (ilvl 497 or above, and substantial HM experience mandatory).

-x1 Shaman: Elemental (ilvl 495, with at least a full clear of MSV and ideally a restoration spec).

x1 Warlock: All specs(ilvl 495, with at least a full clear of MSV)
x1 Priest: Shadow (ilvl 495, with at least a full clear of MSV)

This would take the guilds raiding roster to 13, with 4 available tanks, a potential healer of every class, 3 core melee and 4 core ranged. While reasonably large, this bench would allow us to min/max and utilise specific class comps that may make pushing progression easier.

When on the bench you are expected to be on call at all times, further, all officers including the GM take turns on the progression bench - as a core member of the raid you are expected to contribute and act a team player as much as anyone.

For further information, or if you wish to apply to our guild, please speak to any of our raiders in game, or go directly to Malivis or Kalynda. Similarly for all cross realm and/or faction inquiries feel free to add Kalynda#1254 on ReadID.

Thanks all,
you could have come up with a better name Kaly :(
The name's not that bad :p
I'm a mathematic genius not a creative one, that said I don't mind it.

Just thank your gods that it wasn't me who got to rename the guild xD
Hey, the name works if you use it ironically.

Also recruiting socials, "/who happy endings" and hit anyone online up, for an invite.

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