Exp Potion

Simple idea here.

Allow lvl capped players, who are also capped in Alch to make a BoA exp potion that can be sold on the x-faction AH. Potions have a 500% (stacking) exp bonus with a 4 hour effect on a 24 hour CD. These will be exorbitantly expensive and that's ok. Players who can afford it will be able to quickly move on from the redundant leveling content that they've clearly already mastered (due to their being able to afford said potion). Also it will serve as an excellent, player driven, gold sink. Increase the x-faction AH fees exponentially in relation to the cost and see where the market average hits. Adjust x-faction AH fees accordingly.

Edited to say x-faction instead of BMAH
I didn't know players could post items on the BMAH.
Pardon me, I meant X Faction. I'll edit it to say that.
There's already quite a few ways to increase your experience by a substantial amount, and leveling already goes too fast including them or not.
"leveling already goes too fast"

Leveling is much better than it used to be for sure, but your reply is very subjective. You believe it's too fast, while I think that additional avenues to leveling would be better. Both of our opinions are correct, so for people who would like the opportunity to speed it up even more so, why shouldn't we have the opportunity?
02/17/2013 02:54 PMPosted by Calhoun
leveling already goes too fast

For levels 1-85? I agree. 85-90? It is so slow I would rather get my wisdom teeth removed in a world without sleep gas.

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