485 Warlock LF Raiding Guild

Starting MoP several months late, I haven't been able to find a stable guild to raid with. Now, with 5.2 coming out soon, I'm looking for a stable/mature guild to hit the new content.

Times Available (CST/ Server Time)
Sunday: 12-9
Monday: 5-9
Tuesday: Not sure at the moment
Wednesday: 5-9
Thursday: 5-9
Friday: 5-9
Saturday: 12-9

What you can expect from me:
-researching all fights prior to raid
-play my class optimally
-keep up-to-date on current min/maxing for my class
-be online, attentive, and give complete dedication during raid times.
-able to take constructive criticism

If you need more information, add me on Maxim#1996, post, or whisper in game. Hope to hear from you soon.
488 now
Still looking
Might be able to raid until 10 server time
Hi Asceu,
If you can push later raid times on the weekend, IAP raids Fri/Sat nights from 7-11pm ST (CST). http://iap.enjin.com/ for more information and application.
Good luck in your search for a guild!
Able to raid until 10
489 now
Hey bud if you have a second take a look at this thread :)
We'd be happy to have you

492 now

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