Husband and Wife LF Guild

Husband and wife who play WOW together looking for a friendly, semi-caual, adult guild to join. We have rerolled toons on this server. So starting from the beginning. Our toon on this server are Shammina (mage) and Shamminiq (hunter). We are casual players as life does come first for us. Wife has raided up to ICC on main toon on other server. Husband has raided some as well. LF guild in which players might quest together, do dungeons as well as raids (once we get to that point). If you see us in game please whisper one of us. Would like to know a little about your guild as well.


The DoJ is always looking for new people, be it for a Raid Group, for heroics, fun, pvp, etc. The more we have, the more we share fun, the better. Guild overall is mature, fun, friendly and experienced, we use Vent (up the people, but good for runs and raids) and it is of course a lvl 25 guild with forums, site, Vent, Bank, etc.

Thx, for questions, contact Tanir or Pelargonia on Lightbringer!

The rest on info can come in game, or here if you like :)

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