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Earthen Ring
Former (back in Wrath) hardcore raider, been mostly casual since then, looking for a raiding guild that is interested in progression without being stupidly obsessive about it. Looking for a 2night/week schedule. Experienced with Ele/Resto shaman, but have other 90's, so I can be flexible. I'm definitely not a server-first kind of guy, but I do want to see the raids (for real, not in LFR) while the expansion is still around. Msg me in game, or reply here and I'll msg you. Thanks!
Hey there, Insurgence is currently looking for members. You can check out our post on here, visit our forums @ http://www.insurgence-er.shivtr.com/.

Or feel free to msg myself, Issden\Anubas (GM), Tormecki, Isuridedes, or Adille in game.

We currently raid Tuesday, Wed, Thur 8-11pm, but have spots open depending on the night due to personal schedules (some people can't make X night others can't make Y), so we are always looking for members looking to help us fill in these gaps, or who just want to be social members.

I'll keep an eye out for you in game, to answer any questions you may have.
If youd be interested in going horde side catch phrase is currently recruiting and we only raid 2 nights a week (we plan on finishing up all heroic modes in 5.2 while content in still relevant) we just had a very late start this raid tier =P like 3 weeks ago lol

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7871627115 <-recruitment thread ignore what we "need" if you are a good enough player we'll definitely make exceptions
Old Guard is currently recruiting for our 25 man raid group for patch 5.2. We raid three nights a week, Mon., Tues., Thurs. 8pm to 11 pm. You can check out www.lesgrognards.net for more info or talk to Midnitini, Hisae, or Nanako in game.
Hello, as Dordrey mentioned, Catch Phrase is currently recruiting 1 established dps to join us as we push 5.2 progression hard. We raid T/W 7:30-11 server, and have many members with hardcore or top 100 raiding experience. Our team, however, is semi-casual; we just expect every raider to show up prepared and not repeat mistakes. My battletag is Zombie240#1387 if you would like to learn more about us and get to meet some of the raiders :)

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