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487 FURY/485 PROT WARRIOR currently officer in guild with raid lead experience LF a more progression orientated guild. Always on early for raid never miss a raid. Know class very well always studying and learning how to pull the best out of my spec,class. Know most fights and always study up on upcoming content willing to put in time and effort to find a new home. 11pm server time or there abouts as Im in Western Aus
Hey Itank,

I'm Sinthetik, gm from Exiled from Hell. We are a US based daytime 25 man progression guild located on the Runetotem US server. I'm in high demand of talented dps both to finish out the tier and for 5.2. A strong dps warrior with a tank offspec would be a solid addition to my team.

Raid times are 10am-2pm Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri US Central time during progression. Current progression is:

MSV 6/6 25 man Heroic + Realm First/Cutting Edge Will of the Emps
HOF 6/6 25 man Heroic + Realm First/Cutting Edge Shek'zeer
TOES 1/4 25 man Heroic (very close to a Protectors kill)

If these hours match up, come check us out at www.efhguild.com.

Hope to hear from ya.


Equinoctis @ Gundrak is always looking to improve our guild community and would like to welcome anybody who has a positive attitude.

In particular, we're currently recruiting to fill two places in our 10-man core raiding team. We're presently 9/16HM (6/6H MSV, 3/6H HoF) and looking for two core players who can commit to being the very best that they can in order to try and continue our progression in the next tier.
Raid times are 10.30-1.30 SvT (GMT+11) Wed, Thurs, Mon with Sun optional.
It would be preferable if you could read up on the rules on our website before deciding if we're a good fit for your raiding needs. We put a lot of work into creating a positive raiding environment where nobody feels neglected or vilified, but where we can also progress at a healthy pace and do what we all enjoy doing.

[About Equinoctis]

Thanks for reading. For more information, please refer to our Recruitment Forums (http://equinoctis.wowstead.com/forums/recruitment). Alternatively, my Battletag is Cael#1293 if you would rather a direct chat :)


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