WTS Heroic MSV- Cheapest Price Guaranteed!


We have a few gaps in our sales runs and as such are willing to offer MSV at a discounted rate.

Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults

-6/6H Clear, w/ All BOP gear useable for your main spec 150k
-Title Run Heroic Will of the Emperor 80k (Priority will be given to full run buyers)
-Rewards "Delver of the Vaults" title & Cutting Edge Feat of Strength not obtainable in 5.2.

Things you should know:

-We also offer HOF/Terrace Runs.
-We DO NOT accept anything other than gold.
-We will not accept gold on any server but Stormscale.
-We are EXPERIENCED sellers! Check this thread for lots of positive feedback.

Want to book a run? Have a question? Email me at irialofentensity@gmail.com . Alternatively you can add my battle tag but it will get a slower response. (I'm not online all the time). Thanks!
We have a spot open this reset!
Two weeks left guys! Get it while you can!
02/21/2013 12:50 PMPosted by Irial
Two weeks left guys! Get it while you can!
up, we sell hof and terrace too- best prices available guaranteed!

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